Virtual communication has been the name of the game just recently, and marketers are doing more digital outreach than ever before. The heavy reliance on digital channels raises concerns: Are we providing a great customer experience? Are we doing whatever we can to efficiently execute digital techniques?

Companies should communicate with potential customers and clients in a compelling manner in which provides a great customer experience, else they run the risk of getting lost in the digital mix. But you may be having a hard time to determine how to do that, because opportunities for personal connection, such as trade…

Despite what kind of pest control company you have, if you can’t get your site ranking high on Google, you’re going to have a much more difficult time attaining success in your digital marketing endeavors.

With pest control, the competition can be rather fierce due to the fairly low barrier to entry into the market. One day your best technician is representing your business and doing a fantastic job, and the next day, he or she has chosen to begin their own pest control company. Typically, our data shows that approximately 400 brand-new pest control business launch each year, at…

For most business owners and for others who try it, blogging is both a time-waster and a frustration factory outputting a weekly grind and disappointment until they finally give up out of frustration. What are their results? Something like 63 blog posts up on their site, 0 new backlinks, 0 visitors, and 0 customers.

So, What Went Wrong?

As an Internet Hitman who obviously blogs, I have found blogging to be effective if blogging is done as a vital organ of my business and of some of my clients’ businesses. …

Joshua Baldwin: The Internet Hitman

What make me an Internet Hitman? I’m a software engineer specializing in helping business owners grow their companies with digital tips & strategies that work.

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